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    Meet the team

    We’re a lively bunch of specialised agriculture, UI, and software engineers based in London. At Farmscan AG, we value individual thinking in an environment where you are encouraged to excel as part of a team who take their work seriously – but not themselves.

    Callum Chalmers


    What excites me about the future of precision ag is how key automation has already become. Automation in the sense of our clients’ operations in the field, and automating seamless access to new technology ready for our clients to setup. Our engineering history gives us a strong base to build this platform and adapt to a changing market.  

    What excites you about precision agriculture?

    George Nguyen

    Software Engineer

    What interests me most about precision ag is the range of challenging and complex problems that need out-of-the-box thinking to solve. Being on the forefront of precision ag technology allows us to tailor solutions that directly address these challenges. I enjoy our agile approach to these challenging projects so they meet our clients’ needs. 

    What interests you most about precision ag?

    David Hammond

    Software Engineer

    My favourite part of working at Farmscan AG would be getting to work with the types of machinery we do. I enjoy solving the difficult problems for our clients and seeing them work in the field. It’s not only about improving the platform’s functionality, but seeing the positive impact we have on our clients’ competitive position in the market. 

    What do you enjoy most about your role?

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