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    Farmnavigator G7 GPS


    The Farmnavigator G7 Ezy is the ultimate starter GPS solution for today’s precision farmer. Italian designed and German engineered to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions. If you thought Intelligent Farming technology was not for you, the Farmnavigator G7 Ezy will change your mind.

    Affordable and easy to use, it can be adopted by farms of any size & shape.

    Farmnavigator G7 - Ezy Install

    Light and easy to install

    G7 Ezy Farmnavigator is powerful yet weighs only 640g. The special bracket includes a cigarette power cable and 3 serial ports for the external GPS input.
    Farmnavigator G7 - Ezy Clean

    Dust and water proof

    The display is covered edge to edge with hard glass that can be easily cleaned from dust. Suitable for use on tractors without a cab on farm motor bikes.
    Farmnavigator G7 - Display

    Display Excellence

    The Farmnavigator G7 Ezy features an ultra bright 7” sun-light readable display, with incredible high definition and multi-touch capabilities. You can use multiple finger gestures on the display to scroll menus, or to zoom in and out the field view by stretching and pinching with two fingers.

    Farmer Friendly

    The Farmnavigator G7 Ezy software is farmer-friendly, with a very intuitive interface and large buttons for each function. Farmnavigator G7 - Buttons
    Farmnavigator G7 - Ezy Touch

    Create a database of fields

    Start creating your fields’ database: measure your field boundary, calculate the area and save the position of obstacles or soil samples.
    Farmnavigator G7 - Job Preview
    Farmnavigator G7 - Job Pattern

    Choose your guidance pattern

    Choose the guidelines for your activity and follow the guidance cursor to correct your driving. Choose among:
    • A-B parallel lines
    • Identical curves
    • Adaptive contour or
    • Pivot guidelines
    Save and recall guidelines for further activities in the field. So EZY ! - Just make sure the guidance line is always visible through the circle on the top of the smart cursor. The cursor will help you understand the tractor turn radius, to quickly correct your steering.
    Farmnavigator G7 - Job Patterns

    Headland Management

    When starting a job, you can create a headland within the field boundary, based on your working width.
    • The Headland Management function is very useful for irregular fields such as triangular fields. When active, it will automatically close the sections of the implement at the headland border, the headland can be worked at the end, avoiding unnecessary overlaps.
    • The headland function can be used with A-B parallel guidelines, identical curves and adaptive contour guidelines.
    Farmnavigator G7 - Job Headland
    Farmnavigator G7 - Database

    Jobs Database

    The Farmnavigator G7 Ezy records data for each Job: farmer, activity, field, implements used, products used, worked area, total time etc.
    • Manage your data: fields and jobs can be exported to Google Earth as .kmz files.

    Section Control

    Create a profile for each implement and activity e.g. seeding, fertilizing, or spraying: set the working width, or the number of boom sections and their individual width. Then choose a profile and get visual indications for manual boom switch control to start reducing costs.
    Farmnavigator G7 - Virtual Boom